Thursday, February 12, 2009

Belated update

(This was a draft that I never finished, but figured I'd publish what I had anyway.)

A little update:

1) The Holidays were so fun! It was so nice to have extended time off work to be with family in New Mexico and the kids in Utah. Thanks to everyone who made it wonderful.

2) Quinn has been struggling with his health really since he was born. His laryngomalacia has kind of haunted him since birth, but he's managed it OK. However, he's also had bad reflux. It doesn't make him spit up, but it has impacted his eating and his sleeping for months. He's also had frequent ear infections that have thrown off his balance and caused him discomfort especially at nights. He's such a sweetheart and such a great-natured kid that it's kind of hard for me to really even know there is a problem because he is so pleasant. However, Sara has assured me that the good-natured boy that I see during my visits isn't even close to what a dream he is when he's totally healthy. We finally got him a surgery to put tubes in his ears which will hopefully elminate his ear infections, and Sara has been laboring diligently to try and figure out the right medicine for him and what dosage is appropriate. Hopefully, we'll get everything figured out soon and he'll grow out of his other conditions so he can just be the happy, easy-going kid that he is.


Emily said...

CUTE!! It is so good to see pics! Thanks for posting. We were so glad we got to see you guys over the holidays, too. Love you, Jord.

DNA Family said...

Happy 1st Birthday Quinn!Thanks Jordon for posting these beautiful pictures. We miss you all. Aryn and Quinn are cute and getting so big. We always read what you write your family is in our heart.