Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Home Sweet Enchanting Home

No matter how old you are, sometimes you just need some parent time. I had been thinking about Mom & Dad a lot and feeling a desire to be with them and be back "home", so I decided to go spend the weekend with them in New Mexico. It was such a great break and good catharsis for me. For the last year any spare time and money that I mustered up has been used to go see Aryn & Quinn, which I completely love and enjoy; however, I also really want to be able to spend some time with my other family as well. I especially want to make sure I create opportunities to spend time with Mom and try to offer her as much love and support as possible during her battle with her cancer. I was able to travel out Thursday and returned Tuesday--a wonderful five days together. Mom was recovering from her last round of chemotherapy before her surgery in June, but was feeling OK and looked great. She is such a courageous fighter. Dad continues to be a strong and steady foundation for Mom and the whole family. They are both just awesome! Although the weather was unusually cool, cloudy, and rainy, we did get some sunshine and a nice enough day to get out to Paako Ridge golf course and enjoy a round of golf together. Mom even came along for the ride! Thanks Mom, Dad, KC, Kellie, Isaac, and Eliza for a fantastic weekend.

Beautiful Paako Ridge
My favorite kind of father & son outing
Being goofy with KC
Mom and Dad--always supporting each other

One of the things I miss most about living in NM is golf outings with Dad & KC
Kellie being excited about her new earrings she got in Santa Fe--she's so cute.
KC & Kellie while going to the countless art galleries on Canyon Road in Santa Fe.
Some New Mexico beauty... the Rio Grande and the verdant oasis of vegetation it creates
...Cactus flowers
...old churches and sanctuaries--this one at Chimayo
...Southwestern charm
...the "Bosque" along the river