Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Trip to Utah 7.31 - 8.2

I was able to get out to Utah at the begining of the month to see Aryn & Quinn again. It is always such a big emotional boost to be able to see them and spend time with them. Aryn is just as fun, spunky, and percocious as she always is. We hiked in the mountains, played in the park, went for bike rides, picked vegetables in the garden, ate shaved ice, and one day even went to "Kangaroo Zoo" with our friends Jed & Meghan Beck and their daughter, Aryn's friend, Brinnley. A friend from Taiwan, Liz Covington, was there with her son, Bennett as well, which who was great to see. Little Quinn is growing bigger and just as adorable and pleasant as he's always been. It's fun to start to bond with him a little bit more. He warms up to everyone and just fills your spirit with joy to be around him. It was a great visit. Thanks, Sara, for helping make it nice, and Jed & Meghan for letting me hang out with you guys as well.